Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

Thinking of building your own WATCHOUT media server? Download and read this guide first to help get your machine running at its best! 

Windows 10 is not configured by default for reliable real-time video playback and optimal WATCHOUT performance. The guide describes how to tweak Windows 10 Enterprise for reliable performance with WATCHOUT… as well as some of the potential pitfalls of building your own media server.

Topics covered:

  • Support, warranty and service
  • Microsoft EULA
  • Install Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Add and remove Windows components
  • Group policies
  • Windows & registry settings
  • Task scheduler

Whether you build WATCHOUT media servers for fixed installs in museums, show rooms, broadcast or for live events in theaters, concert venues or corporate events, this free Windows 10 tweak guide is essential reading.  

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